Environmental sustainability

Our aim at Jarvale Construction Limited is that every development is environmentally sustainable, from the design and build right through to the end user stages. We believe that what we do and how we live now, affects our future generation's potential to enjoy a similar quality of life.

We aim to achieve this through careful planning and design, incorporating suitable methods of construction, selection of materials and technologies to ensure environmental sustainability – with the inclusion of features such as better recycling facilities and measures to protect wildlife and the environment.

We fully realise our impacts on the environment and our responsibility to reduce the production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to global climate change. We understand that this is directly affected through our supply chain, and how we manage the whole life cycle of each development.

We minimise the impacts on the environment such as noise, vibration and pollution by replacing old equipment with better designed alternatives. We have reduced travel distances for our general business, deliveries, training and by employing local staff and suppliers.
We avoid the generation of unnecessary waste wherever possible.